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2017 Murder of Rocky Mount man that was wheel chair bound still unsolved

On March 11, 2017 at approximately 0050 hours, Emergency Medical Services and Rocky Mount Police personnel were dispatched to the scene of a man found unresponsive. They arrived to find Mr. Alcindor Wardrick unresponsive and pulseless with a gunshot wound of the head. According to reports, Mr. Wardrick was found by his cousin when he

returned from the store. He was last known to be alive at approximately 0000 hours. Mr. Wardrick was wheelchair bound due to paraplegia.

Mr. Wardrick was shot at close range in the front of his head. It is not sure of robbery was the motive according to records he was in possession of Sixty cents ($0.60; 2-$0.25, 2-$0.05)., A metal ring, One personal credit card, One white lanyard with four keys and One empty, brown, leather-like satchel around neck.

Significant autopsy findings included a near-contact gunshot wound of the left forehead (soot present with powder tattooing)

Given the autopsy and toxicological findings, the medical examiner stated that Mr. Alcindor Wardrick's cause of death was due to a near-contact perforating gunshot wound of the head.

If you have ANY information on the death of Alcindor Wardrick contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736.

ALL TIPS REMAIN ANONYMOUS your personal information is not shared with law enforcement or by motion of discovery or any other means.

RMPD offers up to $5000 for the arrest of homicide suspects in cold cases.

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