Additional murder added to the 2019 list of Rocky Mount Homicides

I started researching a case involving LUTHER LUGENE SMITH 39, who has been in the Nash County Jail since March of 2019.

I started reviewing this case when going over the 2019 homicides in Rocky Mount and noticed that Luther Lugene Smith was not on the list of anyone arrested for any murder that occurred during that year.

The RMPD "PIO" has not released any information on the reason why LUTHER SMITH was locked up for Murder.

I sent an email back in April asking for details about the reason for his incarceration and charge. There still has been no response.


This is the email dated 4/6/2021 sent to Cpl. R. Jackson who is the media person for RMPD

LUTHER LUGENE SMITH is in the court system for Murder and Arson.

The data advises that the crime occurred on 3/25/2019 and that Rocky Mount Police Department is the charging agency.

Can you advise where the crime occurred

Who was the victim

Manner of death

Did they know each other

This case was not listed on the 2019 homicide list.


Today, because I have still not received word from the public information officer, I was forced to get answers via another route.

Here is what I found out :

On MARCH 25th 2019 LUTHER LUGENE SMITH 39, was arrested and charged with ARSON and ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON WITH INTENT TO KILL after he feloniously assaulted ALONZA JUNIOR BOBBITT, 69 years old at the time, with a cooking pan. After assaulting Bobbitt, Smith set the residence located at 801 S grace St in Rocky Mount on fire. PER RMPD.

He was placed in Nash County jail at that time under a $30,000 bond.

Mr. Bobbitt was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

It is uncertain exactly when Bobbitt passed away.

There is no obituary located online.

SMITH was formally INDICTED and charged with FIRST DEGREE ARSON and MURDER on 8/17/2020 in relation to this case.

He has no bond. He has a court date on 6/7/2021

Smith was charged and convicted in 2013 for Trespassing, Injury to Property and Simple Assault.


RMPD had only confirmed a total of 16 homicides in 2019.

At first there were 18 homicides, however RMPD deemed the death of RAQUEL WHITEHEAD who was killed on 5/29/19 and DANIEL STEVEN PIERCE killed 7/7/19 as JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDES.

Here is a list of the 2019 Rocky Mount Murders