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Case of a man who was beaten by a bedpost in Rocky Mount seven months ago still unsolved

On 2/3/2020 Melvin Williams who was 60 years old at the time was on the corner of Pine St and W Thomas Street in the late night hours when he was approached and beaten by two unknown suspects.

The suspects beat him with pipes and a bedpost striking him in his head and torso area. he went to the local hospital the following morning where he was diagnosed with a rib fracture and then sent home. On 2/6/2020 he went back to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and was admitted to the hospital where he declined and passed away the following day.

His death was ruled a homicide by blunt force injuries of the torso.

If you have any information on this homicide contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736.

ALL TIPS REMAIN ANONYMOUS - Your personal information is not shared with law enforcement, by motion of discovery or by any other means. WHAT MATTERS IS JUSTICE!

Fighting Crime does not have a photo of Mr. Williams, if you have one you want to share please contact me.

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