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City of Rocky Mount looking for bids for home repairs

The goal of this program is to promote neighborhood stability and preserve the existing supply of single-family homes by assisting moderate income homeowners with repair to their homes.

II. SCOPE OF WORK The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following: HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting & Wallpaper, Drywall & Plaster, Floor Coverings, Electrical, and Roofing Repairs. The scope is specific to each home.

PROPERTY A: 1101 Leggett Road

Water Supply – 2 Bath House

Drain/Waste/Vent – 2 Bath House

KITCHEN – Floor Assembly

PROPERTY B: 1544 Harper Street

Guard and Handrail-Wrought Iron Rear

Electric Service – 200 amp

Rewire to code – per room

PROPERTY C: 1537 Beverly Road

Floor Assembly

Prep & Paint Occupied Room 6901 Vanity – 30” Complete

Shower – 5’ Fiberglass complete w/grab bars

Commode -replace – 1.28 GPF

Receptacle -GFCI Bath

Fixture – Light, Vent 2 BATHROOM BEDROOM

Floor Assembly

Prep & Paint occupied room

Shower – 5’ Fiberglass

PROPERTY D: 1227 Planters Street

Cabinet -Wood Base

Cabinet -Wood Wall

Replace Countertop – Plastic Laminate

Floor Assembly – Bath/Kit

Prep & Paint Occupied Room

Sink -Double Bowl Complete

Exterior – Door-Prehung metal entrance

PROPERTY E: 516Clark Street

Tear Off and Reroof Shingles

PROPERTY F: 623 Cleveland Street

Tear Off and Reroof Shingles

EPDM -Fully Adhered

PROPERTY G: 933 West Haven Blvd.

Package Unit- Replace-AC w/ natural gas heat w/ductwork

Wheelchair ramp

PROPERTY H: 713 Piedmont Avenue

Window Replace -vinyl – DBL HNG Energy Star- w/ trim

PROPERTY I: 3300 Amherst Road

Power Wash Siding 2642 Siding- vinyl-aluminum trim

PROPERTY I: 808 Peachtree Street

Window Replace -vinyl – DBL HNG Energy Star- w/ trim <100 UI

Post – turned 6”x6

PROPERTY J: 1420 Memory Lane

Floor Assembly – Bath/Kit

Bathtub/shower – 5’ Fiberglass - complete-adaptable


Floor Assembly- Bath/Kit

Prep & Paint occupied room


Download PDF • 3.43MB

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