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City putting in "Bicycle Boulevards" on Carolina and Eastern Ave. and Madison St.

Installation of approximately 2.3 miles of shared lane markings and other bicycle boulevard items, such as signage, neighborhood traffic circles, speed cushions, limited bicycle lane markings, bicycle racks, and other associated work.

Other incidental construction and installation as necessary for complete project construction and installation.

The attached project plans and unit price schedule outline the location and estimated quantities for the required work.

All work shall be done in accordance with NCDOT Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures current version and City of Rocky Mount Standards and Specifications (Latest Edition).

• Carolina Avenue 0.65 Mi. from Stith-Talbert Park to Madison Street

• Madison Street 0.21 Mi. from Carolina Avenue to Eastern Avenue

• Eastern Avenue 1.42 Mi. from Madison Street to N. Glendale Drive

The contractor shall furnish all necessary equipment, labor, and material and permits required to complete the work including but not limited to:

• Bicycle Racks

• Speed Cushions

• Concrete Curb Ramps

• 5” Monolithic Concrete Islands

• Adjustment of Manholes

• Traffic Sign Furnishing and Erection, including custom wayfinding signage and LED signs • Removal and Disposal of Traffic Signs

• Thermoplastic Marking Lines and Symbols

• Temporary Traffic Control

Read the entire RFP here

Download PDF • 721KB

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