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GENERAL Private property mowing is performed by Contractors when a nuisance notice is issued by Community Code and the property is not brought into compliance within 10 days. Most residential lots are .25 acre or less with a few being close to .5 acre. Properties may be a vacant lot, a lot with a vacant dwelling or a lot with an occupied dwelling. Mowing is also directed for non-residential properties and for those properties exceeding 2 acres in size, the City’s agent will negotiate a price with the Contractor based on the mowing area involved, not the overall size of the property, given there may be large structures using a good deal of that acreage. The following terms and conditions apply to the cutting of grass/weeds in violation of the Public Nuisance-Weeds Ordinance for the City of Rocky Mount: a) The City’s agent shall approve Contractor’s equipment to be used to fulfill the terms and conditions of this contract.

b) Assignments for work are disseminated by the City’s agent based on the needs of the City. Private properties are issued notice and, when inspected as non-compliant, the City’s agent shall order mowing as directed. The City’s agent will publish and distribute a list of properties for mowing as assigned by geographic location within the city.

c) Trimming is required for each mow (trees, shrubs, buildings, utility poles, etc.)

d) The use of weed trimming equipment will be required around buildings, trees, bushes, curbs, fences, sidewalks, utility poles, etc.

e) Minimum equipment required:

a. PTO-driven 60: commercial grade mower or 60” commercial grade zero-turn mower (2 minimum)

b. Acceptable commercial grade trimming equipment with steel blade compatibility.

c. Tractor and bush hog.

d. Other standard lawn maintenance equipment such as chainsaws, loppers, rakes, shovels shall be available as needed.

e. Contractor must operate with a minimum of 2 crews; assuming one crew consists of two (2) people-one (1) mower operator and one (1) trimer/weed eater operator.

Before bid award, the City reserves the right to inspect all equipment to be used during the performance of the contract. All equipment must have all safety devices in operating condition for the duration of the contract. If the Contractor or his/her employees are found to be operating unsafe equipment they will be directed to stop work until the equipment is repaired to a safe operating condition. Repeated violations of the requirement will be grounds to terminate the contract.

f) The general scope of work for this contract is mowing and trimming. However, the Contractor shall pick up all limbs, branches, trash, litter and debris on the property prior to mowing. Trash, litter and debris removed from a property prior to mowing may be bagged and delivered to the City transfer station on Thorpe Road at no charge to the Contractor. In such cases, the Contractor may not bill the City for the transportation of this trash/litter.

g) The Contractor shall ensure that no grass/wee clippings are mown into the roadway, where they may become clogged in the storm drain system.

h) It is the responsibility of the Contractor to identify any hazards to equipment, mowing obstacles or other conditions that may damage equipment or injure personnel. The City is not responsible for damage to Contractor equipment.

i) Under normal conditions, all work on properties is to be completed no later than ten (10) calendar days after work is assigned. A work assignment will contain no more than 100 specific addresses for mowing to be completed within the 10-day performance period. Allowances for inclement weather or other unusual circumstances will be determined by the City's agent.

j) Priorities will be assigned by the City's agent and work scheduled accordingly based upon accumulated violations and other factors such as seasonal growth rate, weather over which the City has little or no control. However, the City reserves the right to change work assignments and priorities at any time. For this reason, it is imperative the Contractor or his representative are easily accessible during working hours in the event scheduling changes are necessary.

k) The City will provide two (2) pair (4 total) magnetic signs identifying the vehicle as being a "City of Rocky Mount Contractor." These signs are always to be visible on the vehicle when performing work under this contract. Should any of the signs be lost, missing, damaged, etc., the Contractor will be responsible for their replacement.


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