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Consultant hired by City to help Development Director and Staff get along - Rocky Mount

Information is coming in regarding the departure of Cynthia Jones from the City of Rocky Mount. Jones was the Community and Development Director. Jones issued her resignation on January 13th, 2021 and left on February 12th, 2021.

Sources at City Hall are advising that Jones was having issues working with her staff. Citing that there was lots of tension and animosity.

The City Manager hired a consultant, Dr. Angie Arrington of Evolve Consulting LLC, at the tune of $100,000 to work with Jones to help her work better with her team. The staff and Jones were required to attend counseling classes with the consultant in an attempt to create a better working environment.

Jones position paid $128,000 and then a consultant at $100,000 made the position a nearly quarter of a million dollar seat.

Dr. Arrington is now working with the Dept. of Developmental Services for the City of Rocky Mount.

At this time Peter Varney, who is a former Rocky Mount assistant city manager, on Feb. 15 began serving as the leader of the community and business development department he is only getting paid $81K.

The city has not answered emails regarding the departure of Natasha Hampton, the Assistant City Manager that left a few weeks ago.

A special called "Meeting of the Whole" has been scheduled for this Thursday.

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