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Edgecombe County man arrested on animal cruelty charges

On May 19, Edgecombe County Animal Services responded to an address in Macclesfield in reference to a dog being stuck under a house. Animal Services Supervisor Taylor found a dog under the residence with an embedded collar. The collar had been on the dog too tight for so long that it had grown into it's flesh and was infected. Taylor brought the dog into the shelter where a rescue group took the dog to have medical treatment.

Deputy Linkous investigated the case and found that Joseph Lynn III owned the dog and had neglected it, causing these injuries. Linkous charged Lynn with Felony Cruelty to Animals, Restraining Dog in a Cruel Manner, and Dog Vaccination (meaning it was not properly vaccinated as mandated by law). Lynn, who was in custody for unrelated charges, was served with these warrants and remained in custody.

We are so grateful for Peggy Harrell with the SPCA Alliance of North Carolina for her assistance in getting treatment for this dog!

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