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Shooting happened last night and all the details unfolded on the Fighting Crime supporters only page.

Around 12:30am Friday 10/30/2020 RMPD got a call about a man who showed up on someones porch on the 1000 block of W Thomas St. stating that he was shot in the wrist.

When police arrived the man was gone.

RMPD got a K9 to track for the victim. They spent about 45 minutes looking for him and then called off the search and cancelled EMS.

The mother of the victim called RMPD and stated that her son had called advising that he had been shot. She also started searching the area. At that time they were able to determine that the victim was TYRE WARREN.

RMPD then learned that WARREN was fleeing due to outstanding warrants.

WARREN was featured in a Fighting Crime story earlier in the evening as being wanted on a Parole Warrant.

Around 1:30am the caller from the 1000 block of W. Thomas St. called back and stated that the victim was back. He was inside the home. So the caller knew who he was in the beginning but did not advise law enforcement.

RMPD arrived on scene and made entry into the residence and took WARREN into custody.

At this time police and EMS were not sure that he was really even shot, that his injuries may have been a wound from trying to break into something. They later determined that he the wound was similar to a gunshot wound and transported to the hospital after he was taken to the Rocky Mount Police Department.

WARREN was just released from Prison on October 1st after spending over two years for felony breaking and entering. WARREN was placed on an ankle monitor and he cut his ankle bracelet just days after his release. He has an extensive past of Felony Breaking and Entering, he also spent time in prison for discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

He has already accumulated charges of Felony Breaking and Entering and was also involved in a robbery on Marigold St in Rocky Mount last week and has been charged with 2 counts of Armed Robbery just in the last 29 days.

Last night he was also charged with resisting law enforcement and injury to property after damaging a patrol vehicle.

At this time he is being treated for his injuries and will be placed in jail under no bond on the parole warrant.

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