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DYRON CLEVELAND PARKER 48, who goes by alias names Rodney Parker, Dyron Demeatrius Parker, "Clee" and "Resurrect" was arrested on April 11th, 2021 after a RMPD officer spotted him in a yard on the 1500 block of Tadlock Ave.

The officer saw Parker, who had on a red bookbag in the yard of a residence on Tadlock. The officer knew that Parker had active warrants for breaking and entering and called for other officers to assist with apprehending Parker. According to police he resisted arrest and was found with drug paraphernalia.

Parker who has a listed address on the 1500 block of Fountain St. Rocky Mount was arrested and charged with

6 Counts of Felony Breaking and Entering

6 Counts of Felony Larceny

Resisting Arrest

Injury to Personal Property

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Habitual Felon

Habitual Breaking and Entering

He is scheduled for court 4/28/2021 on the above charges

According to the dates of offense the following Break Ins Occurred on those dates according to RMPD police reports.

3/21 100 S FAIRVIEW RD - Money taken and damage to business

3/31 100 ATLANTIC AVE - Taste of Paradise - Window Damaged - Clothes Taken

4/5 1500 E VIRGINIA ST - Parker Middle School - Cash Register Taken / Computer Taken

4/7 Suburb St - Residence - Only B&E listed - Mower taken

4/9 1100 STOKES ST - Baskerville Elementary - Damage to building

4/11 S Valley Ct - Residence - Only B&E listed

Parker has several cases pending in Edgecombe County Court for

Habitual Felon

Habitual Breaking and Entering

2 Counts of Breaking and Entering

2 Counts of Larceny

Possession of Burglary tools

These charges are from 2019 and are scheduled to go to court on 4/26/2021

Parker spent 11 years in prison from 2008 - 2019 on 9 counts of breaking and entering

and 4 years in prison from 2002 - 2006 on 10 counts of Felony Larceny/Breaking and Entering/Breaking and Entering Vehicles

He was arrested and convicted 9 times in the 1990's for breaking and entering.

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