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Homicide of a 2-year-old in Rocky Mount still unsolved after 12 years

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Jamir Whitaker would have been 14 yrs old now. However, his life was cut short on 1/12/2008 around 830PM when his house was shot on 2805 Pelham Rd in Rocky Mount. He had just turned two years old. His father Airic Whitaker was shot twice and recovered from his injuries. Jamir was shot and died at the hospital.

Witnesses saw a person run to a dark green or blue late model 4 door Ford Taurus with tinted windows just after shots were fired. Police called it an attempted robbery. When police arrived they found 3500.00 in cash and 17 pounds of marijuana with other drug paraphernalia in the residence. Both parents were charged in the case with reckless endangerment of a child and drug charges. At this time we do not know the disposition of those charges.

The following evening another shooting said to be linked injured two on the 400 block of Lexington St. in Rocky Mount. Police stated it was gang related and linked to the shooting on Pelham Rd the previous day. In that shooting Tywon Tucker and Dante Whitaker were shot. A dark green or black Buick Roadmaster was the suspect vehicle in that case.

If you have any information on the death of Jamir Whitaker contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736.

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