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Man convicted in 2018 Easonburg murder - Rocky Mount

MICHAEL NATHANIEL WILLIAMS 49, was convicted in January this year for the July 28th 2018 murder of Cerron Fox in the little Easonburg part of the city..

Williams was convicted of the lessor charge of Manslaughter.

Fox was stabbed to death on the 4300 block of Carroll Ave in Rocky Mount.

Williams turned himself into Wilson Police on unrelated charges and was charged with the murder in Rocky Mount.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 11 yrs and 2 months in Prison however, is projected to be released on 10/29/2029 after credit for time served.

Williams has a lengthy history from Felony Breaking and Entering, Habitual Felon, Larceny, Misd. Breaking and Entering, Possession of Stolen Goods.

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