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Man jailed under the name of John Doe after he was arrested on 1st Degree Burglary charges - Nash

On Thursday 11/11/21 NCSO arrested a man for 1st degree burglary. He is under the name John Doe. Usually when a person is in jail under John Doe it is because they refuse to give their real name.

He is in Nash County jail under a $100K bond

If you know who this person is please contact NCSO at 252-459-4121

BURGLARY-1ST DEGREE/NON-FORCED (N/A); Arrest Date 11/11/2021; Bond - Secured Bond, $100000.00; Set By Magistrate;

ASSAULT-SIMPLE (N/A); Arrest Date 11/11/2021;

TRESPASS-SECOND DEGREE (N/A); Arrest Date 11/11/2021;

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