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Man takes 316 cartons of cigarettes from employer - Rocky Mount

On Sunday October 11th 2020 around 6:20pm RMPD received a call about a person who had taken 316 cartons of cigarettes from Fred's Food Club in Rocky Mount.

Per radio traffic the suspect was being followed in Halifax County in the Roanoke Rapids area.

Fred's Club was not the victim of the incident, The victim (not affiliated with Fred's Club) had given an employee (store name was not mentioned) nearly $20,000 to purchase the 316 cartons of cigarettes from Fred's Club and return back to him with the merchandise.

The suspect never showed back up with the merchandise and the victim found him and followed him into Roanoke Rapids where he lost him.

The victim has not advised if he took warrants out on the person who took the cigarettes. With it being a felony a law enforcement agency would have to take out the warrant, no word on if the suspect has outstanding warrants at this time.

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