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ME - My actions, My "Rap Sheet", My thoughts

Around the end of February I started receiving concerns from multiple citizens regarding videos on TikTok that showed RMPD Officers using vulgar language and obscenities. Some of those officers were on duty and some of them were not on duty.

I am aware that my actions of posting those videos have upset some people. I am aware that those officers have been disciplined. The situation is still being discussed with council, city manager and the city attorney and will be discussed again at Mondays closed session meeting.

Do I feel that these videos warranted someone being fired, NO.

Do I feel that these videos warranted some type of disciplinary action, YES.

I feel that RMPD was right about initiating social media training to educated the staff on same. I also feel that these officers, at the most, should have been written up with a warning and asked to reevaluate their social media platform.

I do not blame Chief Robinson one bit for going to bat for his officers. If I were him, I would have done the same. Chief Robinson was a great interim chief and had integrity.

Some have lashed out about me on social media stating that I must "live in a glass house" and saying that I have a "rap sheet with over 30 pages"

I can see why you feel that way about me. And it is ok.

I know I am not perfect nor do I try to be. I make mistakes every day. Probably multiple times a day. I learn from those mistakes and move on.

I am not a saint. I curse, everyday, and a lot. However, I do not post social media videos of that nature. That is just me. Others may and that is their choice.

Being a Law Enforcement Officer comes with a lot of responsibility. The thing with being the face of a police department you have standards and a level of professionalism to abide by. You know this when you take the job. You are expected to follow policies just as you expect citizens to follow the rules. The code of ethics is preached to you in BLET school, you have to memorize it and it is recited in your oath.

When you take the oath to be a law enforcement officer you agree to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics that states, "I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and will behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to me or to my agency."

The City of Rocky Mount's social media policy (section 6.2 part C) states unacceptable actions by employees include: "Engaging in vulgar language, obscenities, defamatory or abusive language, and language that is deemed offensive."

According to the above those videos violated the City Policy and the Code of Ethics.

Because I have a few that just do not care for me. I was concerned when I heard that I have a 30 page "rap sheet" so I decided to make a trip to the clerks office to get a copy of my "rap sheet" to be sure that there was not something up there that I was not aware of.

Thankfully, my "rap sheet" was NOT 30 pages.

I did have some charges in Nash County with no charges on page one, 1 charge on page two and 2 charges on page three and no charges on page 4. I have attached same here so you can see.

3 Total charges From 1996 and 2001

I did have a check bounce in 2013 and it was paid off... it is not showing up there for some reason.

Download PDF • 1.24MB

Edgecombe County I am working on getting that one... as I went to the Clerks Office and it showed nothing... but I think it is because they had my name spelled wrong. So I need to go back. But when I do... I will share that as well. But what I do know is there is 2 ESC Charges and one bad check from 2002 - 20 years ago.

Here is the one from Edgecombe... but again... name is wrong...

Download PDF • 646KB

You can go the the DPS website and check - here is my printout from that stating the same above.

Download PDF • 12KB

In total I had 6 bounced checks and 2 ESC Violations. All 20 plus years ago and a check 8 years ago.

I am not sure what these people are talking about a 30 page criminal background and some huge rap sheet. It sounded good to them I guess.

See... I don't live in a glass house and I am not perfect. My actions from 20 years ago taught me a lot and taught me that I did not want to continue that route. Even though it was hard raising my children on my own as a single mother... it was a difficult journey. Those hard times has made me a better person today. Though that may not matter to you... it matters most to me.

I am going to keep pushing forward, helping the community, and working to help our communities become a safer place to live, work and play.

Regarding the officers... I hope the best for them in this difficult time.

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