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Mother was beaten and daughter murdered, case still unsolved after 30 years - Rocky Mount

Magalene Puckett was home with her mother, Aggie Roberson, 81 at 906 Clark St in Rocky Mount on July 8th, 1990 when four suspects broke in through a kitchen window in the middle of the night. The suspects sexually assaulted and beat Magalene Puckett and left her for dead. Her mother was also beaten and was able to get out of the house and get help.

Roberson described the suspects as four black males but could not give a full description.

Police believe the suspects broke in to rob the home and were surprised to find Roberson and Puckett. Neighbors initially thought that Puckett had died of natural causes and started to clean up the crime scene and destroyed evidence before police arrived. Police realized that a crime had been committed but the evidence was compromised.

In 1996 Roberson passed away, she was the only witness in the crime. However, over the years suspects have been developed in this case and just a little more evidence will result in arrests. It is important to speak up so the family can seek justice.

RMPD is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects responsible for the death of Magalene Puckett.

If you have any information on the murder of Magalene Puckett contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736.

ALL TIPS REMAIN ANONYMOUS : Your personal information will not be shared with law enforcement or through motion of discovery or any other means. Fighting Crime WILL go to court so you do not have to. WHAT MATTERS IS JUSTICE!

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