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Murder of a Rocky Mount Police Secretary and her friend still unsolved after twelve years

Leona Johnson, 50 years-old at the time was a secretary for the Rocky Mount Police Departments uniform division for 3 years. When she failed to show up for work that day Rocky Mount police went to her house at 1247 Compass Creek Dr. in Rocky Mount to check on her. When they arrived they found a broken glass in the back door of the residence.

Police made entry into the home and found Leona Johnson and her friend Deborah Scriven 44 years-old at the time shot to death. Deborah's son, Devin Scriven was also in the home and shot and rushed to the hospital where he remained in critical condition but recovered.

Deborah worked at Nash General Hospital at the time.

Police say neither had any enemies and did not know what lead up to the shooting.

Police say that the shooting happened between 3:45am and 9:45am the morning of the 21st.

All three were found shot in three different rooms of the residence.

Johnson was shot 2 times once in the back and once in the head. She had a gunshot wound on her hand which seemed that she was covering her head when she was shot.

Police stated that it was not a random incident and they all likely knew their killer.

In September 2008 Devin Scriven was staying at the Hal Orr's motel in Rocky Mount with his brother Antonio Wardell Matthews. Antonio shot his brother three times and killed him. Devin was the only witness to the murders on Compass Creek just 10 months prior.

Witnesses saw two people leave the scene however, only Antonio Matthews was ever charged.

Antonio Matthews was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. In 2011 he went to trial and the judge declared a mistrial. The District Attorney had planned to charge him again but with 2nd degree murder. Matthews decided to plead guilty to manslaughter in June 2012 and was sentenced to 5 years however, he was released 8 months later and put on parole.

According to NCDPS Antonio Matthews has not been in any trouble since.

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