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Rocky Mount home damaged by retaliatory gunfire twice this month

A home on the 600 block of S Pine St. in Rocky Mount has been damaged by gunfire twice this month.

Last night around 10:50pm the home and the homeowner's vehicle was damaged when culrpits unloaded a weapon into the dwellings.

The home is occuppied by a 69 yr old female.

Police feel it is retailiation to the murder of Dominick Parker who was killed by Elijah Alston at the end of last month. The resident of the home is a family member of Alston.

This family member is 69 yrs old and has nothing to do with the murder however, her life is put in danger every time someone descides to do this senseless act.

Police recovered (12) .223 shell casings and two projectiles.

There were no injuries in last nights shooting.

Police are close to making an arrest.


In the early morning hours of January 2nd,2021 someone fired shots into a residence occupied by a 69 yr old female on the 600 block of S Pine St. in Rocky Mount.

No one was hurt, however the home suffered damage.

If you have any information on this incident contact RMPD 972-1411

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