Updated: Jan 13

1. Robert Earl Demory, 9-22-77, found in parking lot of London Mills in 500 block of Paul St. Demory was a 16-year-old black male found shot to death. He had just returned home that night from out of state and was last seen getting off the bus at the Rocky Mount Trailways Bus Depot on South Washington Street. A dark colored car was seen leaving the London Mills parking lot.

2. Hugh B. Phillips, 1-28-84, Douglas Block on NE Main St. Phillips was walking on Main Street when an unknown male suspect physically assaulted and robbed him. Phillips died a few days later.

3. Ibrahim K. Salem, 10-30-87, 1417 Branch St. (Branch St. Grocery), Salem was working in his store when a small frame black male with his face covered came into the store and attempted to rob victim with a rifle. During the robbery, the victim was shot and later died.

4. Magelene Puckett, 7-8-90, 906 Clark St., the 64 year old victim was killed when 3 or 4 black males broke into her home in the middle of the night. The victim was beaten to death and the victim's 81-year-old mother who was also in the house was severely beaten.

5. Cheryl Watson, 4-10-91, Pineview Cemetery, victim was found beaten to death in Pineview Cemetery on Raleigh St.

6. Toney Grant, 7-2-96, 628 Myrtle Ave, victim was found beaten to death and his home was set on fire severely burning the victim.

7. David Moody, 8-22-98, 300 block of Carolina Ave. Victim was shot while standing in the 300 Block of Carolina Ave. Witnesses report a green van driving by while someone fired a shotgun from the van killing the victim.

8. Melvin Avent, 12-29-99, Intersection of Luper and Mullins streets, at 0140 hrs. The victim was standing at the intersection of Luper and Mullins when a dark colored car came by. The victim was found shot to death at that intersection.

9. James Whelen, 2-20-00, 405 Fairfield Dr., unknown suspects broken into the victim's home, the victim was injured and died before the crime was discovered. The victim was 87 years His 73-year-old wife, Margie was found with a broken hip and recovered at the hospital.

10. Lewis D. Hines, 12-9-00, 734 Ravenwood Dr. The victim was found beaten to death inside his home at 734 Ravenwood Dr.

11. Billy Ray Childers, 12-05-04, 1208 Boone Street. The victim was stabbed inside his home at 1208 Boone Street.

12. Dexter Xavier Johnson, 11-12-06, 422. E Grand Avenue. The victim was shot during a robbery attempt outside a convenience store.

13. Baby John Nash, 2-7-07, 802 Harbor West Drive. The victim, a white male infant, was found deceased inside a trash dumpster behind Food Lion.

14. Gary Lamont Robbins, 2-10-07, Rex Street @ Vance Street. The victim's vehicle, a van, was being chased by another vehicle. The victim was shot inside his vehicle by an unknown assailant during the chase.

15. Shandon Terez Hedgepeth, 7-2-07, 214 N. Harris Street. The victim was found deceased inside his residence and the residence was set on fire

16. Alexander Whitaker 8-5-07 – was shot and killed and left behind the Ford Dealership on Stone Rose Dr. He had shot an officer during a traffic stop and ran. The officer returned fire and was not sure if he hit him. 24 hours later his body was found however police have not stated if the death was from the officer involved or from another person.

17. Leona L. Johnson, 12-21-07, 1247 Compass Creek Drive. The victims were found deceased inside their residence, victims of gunshot wounds.

18. Deborah M. Scriven, 12-21-07, 1247 Compass Creek Drive. The victims were found deceased inside their residence, victims of gunshot wounds. Scriven's son, Devin Scriven, was also shot during the incident.

19. Carolyn Whitehead Ransome, 1-2-08, 912 Gregg Court. Victim was found deceased inside her residence. Cause of death was ruled strangulation.