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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Again, these are the ones that Fighting Crime is aware of.

Rocky Mount has seen a large decrease after last years record breaking year of 18 Homicides in Rocky Mount.

To date Fighting Crime counts TWELVE homicides (that I know about)

This years homicides are listed below:

Jonathan McCrory Jan 2nd Mashie Lane - Travon Kierre Baker arrested in Baltimore

Keivon Bullock UNSOLVED - January 16th - Gold Rock Rd - No arrest made ...yet

Bullock was shot several times while at the intersection of Goldrock Rd and Greyson Rd. He was in a vehicle when occupants in another vehicle fired shots at him. Reports state that he was in an heated argument with some individuals the night before.

Melvin Williams UNSOLVED Assaulted on February 3rd and passed on February 7th - Corner of Pine St and W Thomas St. No arrest made ... yet

Williams was assaulted by two individuals on the corner of Pine and W Thomas St. on February 3rd. The suspects beat Williams with a pipe and bedposts over the head and torso area. Williams went to the hospital the following day and was diagnosed with a rib fracture. On Feb 6th he went back to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and was transferred to another hospital where his health declined and he passed away on February 7th.

Jean-Luc “Luke” Batchelor May 13th - Union Street - Four arrested Wilson Smith, 21, Jaquante Burton, 18, Marquille Hines, 22 and Shyheem Pitt 25

Kenneth Styles - May 15th - Charter Dr - Three arrested including Keimon Sharpe and Kyle Barnhill

Terrell Thomas - October 17th - Luper Street - Bryan Daniels arrested

Michael Joyner UNSOLVED- October 22nd - 100 Block of Cooley Rd - No arrest made

Ronaldo Wesson "Ricky" - October 25th - 4200 Block of Carrol Ave - Cameron Fox arrested.

Tavarus Lynch - November 16th - Meadowbrook Park -Arrest made

Rashon Rhodes November 21st - Tillery/Hammond St - Isa Jihad

Benjamin Glover- stabbed on the 1600 block of S Grace St - Arrest made

Dominick Parker - December 30th - arrest made

If you have any additional information on these homicides or any homicide in Rocky Mount that was not mentioned please feel free to contact Fighting Crime 252-406-6736.

If you have a tip in an unsolved homicide contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736 ALL tips remain anonymous. Your personal information will not be shared with law enforcement. By motion of discovery or by any other means.

Team Cold Case in Partnership with Fighting Crime offers rewards up to $15,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect(s) in unsolved homicides.

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