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The city is awaiting bids from contractors to start phase I of the Battle Park Renovation


GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS a) As time is of the essence, the Contractor awarded this bid shall be prepared to start demolition within thirty (30) calendar days of the issuance of the Purchase Order. It is further required as part of the condition of the contract, that demolition be completed and that the site be cleaned up and stabilized within five (5) calendar days of initiating demolition. Overall, the Contractor shall complete the work within a total of thirty-five (35) calendar days from issuance of the Purchase Order.

The contractor will be required to install and maintain temporary sedimentation and erosion control measures to prevent sediment from leaving the site and entering Goose Branch, the Tar River or the storm drainage system. Bad weather days will be considered but must be coordinated with the city’s designated project lead.

A graveyard is present onsite. Absolutely no equipment may enter the graveyard. A temporary construction fence must be erected around graveyard during demolition.

b) The removal process will include ALL debris from each lot i.e., all structures, sidewalk / concrete, rock associated with previous construction, asphalt, and landscape timbers. The demolition area will be raked clear/smooth of ALL debris before seeding. The Contractor shall backfill and compact all excavated areas with sand-clay and dress off and fill in all low spots with topsoil in order to provide positive drainage within the limits of the work area and shall grade, reseed, and straw the demolition area and any other areas disturbed during completion of the work. Reseeding is to be done with Kentucky Fescue grass seed or other native ground cover that would be typically found within Battle Park area. (The result of this effort will create an area that can easily be maintained with park maintenance equipment.) NOTE: The contractor must take special care not to damage park trees during the demolition process. Reforestation of 6” caliper oak trees (spade truck) will occur in these areas at future stages of Battle Park Renovation.

c) The Contractor awarded the bid shall be responsible for all equipment, labor, and materials needed to complete the project and the hauling of materials to disposal site. Disposal of materials is to be done in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local laws and must be at a State approved landfill. Copies of the waste manifest bills from the landfill must be supplied at the time you submit your bill for payment of the demolition. Payment will not be made until such time as these manifests are provided to the City by the Contractor.

d) A demolition permit will be required and can be secured through the City of Rocky Mount Inspection Division.

e) A bond of $1,000 shall be posted with the Inspections Division by the Contractor awarded the contract before demolition can begin. The Inspections Division is located on the 2nd floor of City Hall. The bond shall be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, certified check, or a bid bond, and by a surety licensed to do business in the State of North Carolina.

f) For each day in excess of the deadline, the Contractor shall pay the City the sum of $100 per day as liquidated damages. Liquidated damages shall be compensation for damages suffered by the City and shall not be interpreted as a “fine” or “penalty”. No additional payment or bonuses shall be made for completion of the contract in less than the noted time. AREAS TO BE DEMOLISHED • See CE-1 Battle Park Demolition Plan • Shelters A, B & C and associated asphalt parking, concrete sidewalks, wooden gates, and landscape timbers • Loop road. A section of road is to be cut with approx. 11 feet remaining to the west to allow for walking trail. • Connecting trail from Shelter A to Shelter B. • Chain link fence on the corner of Falls Road / Battle Park Lane


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