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Friday night October 16th around 10:45 pm a person was at the State Employees Credit Union on Benvenue Rd when a black male wearing a ski mask robbed the victim as they were at the ATM.

The victim immediately called police and started chasing the suspects, The victim chased the vehicle down Thomas Betts Parkway through a few side roads where the suspect vehicle went into Jeffrey's Cove Apartments on Jeffreys Rd.

The male passenger who was the robbery suspect fled on foot in the area, the female accomplice who was the driver of the vehicle remained on scene and was arrested. Fighting Crime learned that JALECIA HOLLAND MANN 21, of Piedmont Ave in Rocky Mount was arrested and charged with Felony Aid and Abet Armed Robbery and Possession of Marijuana. Her first appearance court date is on Tuesday 10/20/2020.

As RMPD was investigating one of the officers spotted another vehicle leaving Jeffreys Cove at a high rate of speed and RMPD started chasing as the vehicle may have picked up the suspect in the robbery.

The chase went South on 301 at Fenner Rd and then they made a U-turn and went North on 301 and then to N Church St to Highway 97 towards Springfield Rd. The driver stopped long enough to drop the passenger off in a field near Springfield Rd and kept going. RMPD set up a perimeter and was unable to locate the individual that was dropped off, at last check by Fighting Crime.

RMPD continued to chase the vehicle down E Raleigh Blvd and several side streets with speeds reaching between 40-80 mph. The vehicle hit a pole near Grand Ave and still kept going.

The vehicle and the chase finally came to an end on Goldleaf St where the car crashed and the suspect ran into the woods, A RMPD officer quickly took that person into custody.

Fighting Crime learned that the vehicle was also seized due to the "run and done" law.

At this time it is unknown who that suspect is and the charges that he/she faces.

Fighting Crime shared this information on the supporters platform as it was happening.

Great job RMPD for their efforts last night.

Photo from Vinelink

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