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Two family members killed 13 years apart, both remain unsolved - Rocky Mount

DeQuan Dickens was 18 when he was shot and killed around 1am July 12, 2019 at a home of a family member at 1132 Long Avenue in Rocky Mount. His family called him “Noot.” DeQuan was at the home with family having a birthday party after finishing his shift at Burger King. Eighteen people, including babies, were in the house when bullets started coming through the windows. RMPD responded after a shot spotter activation.

Dickens graduated from Rocky Mount High School in June 2019, having earned a certificate in early childhood education, his family said. He loved children and planned to become an educator. He enjoyed his job at Burger King.

Khadigah Lineberger was also hit by gunfire and she was taken to Vidant Medical Center for her injuries.

According to witnesses at the party it was not a drive-by shooting. Someone stood in front of the house and fired multiple shots into the home. One of those bullets struck a family friend in the face. Some of those bullets struck Dickens and one entered his chest, piercing the name tag he was still wearing.

Khadigah Lineberger was also hit by gunfire and she was taken to Vidant Medical Center for her injuries.

Family wants the public to know that he wasn’t a gangbanger. I don’t care who he knew that was involved in gangs, he, as an individual, was not a gangbanger. He was a hard worker. He was the life the of the party and a joker. He was the youngest of five kids.

He was very loving, the clown of the family and he was serious about his schoolwork and his job.

Dickens’ uncle, Dexter “Noot” Xavier Johnson, was killed in November 12th 2006 at 422 East Grand Avenue outside of a convenient mart in an attempted robbery. His homicide remains unsolved.

Family and friends would like for both of these homicides to be solved.

If you have any information on the deaths of Dequan or Dexter contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736.

ALL TIPS REMAIN ANONYMOUS : Your personal information will not be shared with law enforcement or through motion of discovery or any other means. Fighting Crime WILL go to court so you do not have to. WHAT MATTERS IS JUSTICE!

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