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Two suspected of killing Dominic Baker in Rocky Mount in 2019 get closer to a trial date

On July 27th, 2019 DOMINIC BAKER was killed on the 200 block of Kinlaw Ct in Rocky Mount around 1:40am.

During an investigation RMPD revealed two suspects that were responsible with Baker's murder. KAYLITH MOORE and MICHAEL JEFFERSON.

There are more suspects that are responsible for Baker's murder and more arrests may be imminent.

Both suspects are have superior court dates this week on the Superior Admin Calendar in Nash County. This appearance could be for motions or pleas. It is uncertain when the case will actually go to trial if no plea is made.

Jefferson is currently being housed at Central Prison and Moore is currently in Nash County Sheriff's Office and also has a Federal Hold on him.

Jefferson was moved to Central Prison after Malicious Conduct at the jail and assaulting a detention officer.`````````````````````

The Federal Hold came after Moore had bonded out on the murder charge on 7/24/2020 and was on electronic monitoring. RMPD continued to investigate Moore and found him to be in possession on a hand gun.

The details of that arrest are below according to Rocky Mount Police Department.

On November 3rd, 2020, Officer C.M. McFadden (Rocky Mount Police Department Gang Investigator) had knowledge that Kaylith Lewis MOORE (Lil Fed) had been released from Nash County Jail on July 24th, 2020 and was placed on Supervised Release with electronic monitoring. MOORE had been incarcerated in Nash County Jail on a First Degree Murder charge, awaiting trial. Due to MOORE's gang involvement and past history, Officer McFadden began monitoring MOORE's location and activities based on his ankle monitor and social media accounts. Officer McFadden was also aware that MOORE could not possess firearms or ammunition due to a prior felony conviction.

On November 3rd, 2020, Officer McFadden checked the Instagram account owned by Kaylith MOORE to see if there had been any new postings over the previous few days. Officer McFadden saw that MOORE had posted a short video clip to his storyline. Officer McFadden watched this video clip and saw MOORE sitting in a vehicle waving a black semiautomatic handgun around. McFadden was able to see that the handgun had a green laser sight attachment. In the video MOORE had the green laser sight activated and at one point ejected the magazine from the magazine well of the handgun, showed the bullets inside same to the camera, and then reinserted the magazine into the handgun. Officer McFadden had received information that a subject by the name of Atavious Taylor (Spazz) and other fellow gang members had posted $30,000.00 bond for MOORE's release from Nash County Jail and that MOORE and Taylor had been hanging with each other. McFadden checked the Instagram account owned by Atavious Taylor to see if he and MOORE were together at the time.

When Officer McFadden viewed Taylor's account he saw that Taylor was "live feeding" a video. Officer McFadden began recording the video from Taylor's account and was able to see that Taylor and MOORE were in fact together and appeared to be sitting inside a vehicle. Officer McFadden recorded six minutes and twenty seconds of video from the "live feed."

Officer McFadden then checked the status and location of MOORE's ankle monitor and saw that MOORE was inside his inclusion zone set up by North Carolina Probation. This location was MOORE's home address of 1415 Huffines Ave, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

On November 3rd, 2020 members of the Rocky Mount Police Department Gang Intelligence Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, and Patrol Services Division were taking part in a violent crime reduction operation. Officer McFadden contacted these Officers and had them meet him at a central location to brief about the plan to approach 1415 Huffines Ave. and any vehicles that may be on-scene that MOORE and Taylor would be sitting in. It was decided that Officers would park their vehicles a couple blocks away and approach on foot. All Officers involved in this approach were wearing full Rocky Mount Police Department Uniforms.

Officers approached the residence and were able to see a vehicle parked in front of the residence. This vehicle was a black Dodge Challenger bearing N.C. Registration plate CMW-1540. Officers could see that the vehicle was occupied by at least two people. When Officers made contact they found Atavious Taylor sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle and Kaylith MOORE sitting in the front passenger's seat. Officers had both subjects exit the vehicle and saw a black semiautomatic handgun on the passenger's side floorboard beside MOORE's left foot. Officer McFadden noted that MOORE was wearing the same clothing at that time as when MOORE was observed in the video clip earlier. This handgun was collected as evidence and secured. The handgun was a Springfield XD-9, 9mm with a green laser sight attachment. Officer McFadden noted that this was the same handgun that MOORE was seen waving around on the video clip a short time earlier.

MOORE was transpo1ted to Rocky Mount Police Depa1tment where he was fingerprinted and photographed. MOORE was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and placed back in the custody of Nash County Jail under a $300,000.00 secured bond. The handgun was submitted into evidence at RMPD for future court proceedings.

On November 4, 2020, affiant spoke with Senior Special Agent (SSA) John Griffin, ATF · Interstate Nexus Examiner, and provided him with photographs and a description of the handgun possessed by Kaylith MOORE. Make: Springfield Armory I Model: XD-9 / Type: Semi- Automatic I Caliber: 9mm / Serial Number: XD170919. SSA Griffin advised that based on the information provided the firearm is a firearm and was manufactured outside the state of N01th Carolina and had therefore traveled interstate and/or foreign commerce prior to MOORE possessing the firearm.

TFO Joyner received a certified Judgement and Commitment from the Nash County Clerk's Office for MOORE's felony conviction in Nash County Superior Court, dated May 15, 2019. MOORE pied guilty to Attempted Possession of a Stolen Firearm, which is a felony offense, and received a sentence of 6 to 17 months' imprisonment. The transcript of plea from that Judgment includes MOORE's signature.

Based on the information above affiant believes probable cause exists to believe that Kaylith Lewis MOORE did knowingly possess the above listed Springfield Armory firearm, in and affecting commerce, knowing or having reason to believe that MOORE knew he was a Convicted Felon and therefore was prohibited from possessing same, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 922(g)(l).

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