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Around 230PM Scotland Neck police department was called in regards to a shooting that happened on Greenwood St and at 306 East 13th Street in Scotland Neck.

Once they arrived they found 2 victims on the porch of 306 East 13th Street and 2 other victims in a car on 13th street. Also a small child had been shot in the arm. That is a total of 5 victims in Scotland Neck.

Witnesses and radio traffic advised 7 victims.... it is not clear at this time how many victims there really were in Scotland Neck or Martin Counties.

Radio traffic advised that a 13 yr old female had shown up to the Hamilton Fire Department in Martin County and had a gunshot wound to the chest.

Radio traffic also advised that two people were shot in Martin County just after the Scotland Neck shooting.

Martin county then advised about another victim in a White Altima that was shot up and they were off with that vehicle in Martin County on Highway 903.

Four medivac helicopters were dispatched to transport victims.

So at this time we are estimating 7-11 victims total however, Scotland Neck is only advising about their 5 victims. Local news stations are only reporting on the Scotland Neck victims. They were initially reporting 4 victims now they are saying 5.

All victims are said to be in local hospitals undergoing surgery. They have not reported any fatalities.

Martin County has not sent out a release yet on their victims.

Scotland Neck PD released a BOLO on a white Charger with a Spoiler on the back traveling towards Martin County and then released a while later it was a tan Charger and they have the tag number from a witness.

There is no motive or suspect at this time that has been released.

I will keep you updated as more information comes available.

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