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Guys... I have really tried.....

You all know that I have voiced my frustration in the past about our police department. Recently, I decided to take a different approach because I thought they were heading in the right direction... but boyyyyy ... I was wrong.

When you as citizens send me tips on crimes in the area or unsolved murders I always forward those tips to RMPD.

I get NO response... no, thanks for the information, we will look into it, I appreciate it. I have asked for them to at least acknowledge that they have received the email.... two times out of 28 tips about unsolved murders sent to them since December have been responded to.

If this is how they treat citizens when they give tips then I can see how frustrated you are as well and why you opt to not say anything.

They recently released their crime report for January of this year.

I have sent FOUR emails to RMPD asking for clarification on items they put in their report.... NO RESPONSE... No - let me look into it, we will get back with you, NOTHING.

Below is a copy of that email.... which has legitimate questions.

An email was sent 2/17, 2/18, 2/26 and 3/3

Another email was sent asking about 3 murders where someone was arrested and the charges were dropped... I want to know if that case is still open or if they made another arrest..... that email was sent on 2/28 and 3/3 - copy below - NO RESPONSE

Another email was sent asking for all the Homicides in 2020 and the status ARREST/OPEN/JUSTIFIED - that email was sent 11/22, 2/11, 2/26 and 3/3 NO RESPONSE - copy below

Another email was sent in reference to a murder that happened in Rocky Mount on Cooley Rd - asking for an update because some have said it was justified and others state it was not. That email was sent 1/18, 1/19, 1/20, 2/11 and 2/26 NO RESPONSE

How come Nashville Police Department, Spring Hope Police Department, Enfield Police Department, Edgecombe County Sheriffs Office, Nash County Sheriffs Office, Pinetops Police Department, Tarboro Police Department, so on and so forth have NO PROBLEM communicating.. none what so ever... anything I ask ... I get an answer. We actually talk about cases... we share information... we WORK TOGETHER... WE GET THINGS DONE.

This is very frustrating... especially in a city where there is so much crime.

RMPD does not want help... seriously, they think they know everyone... they do not want to release robbery suspect photos for the public to identify... they release very little information to the public about any crime. If it were not for platforms like Fighting Crime you would not know what is going on in our city.

There are some great people that work for RMPD. There are many that I speak to often and many that are friends. They all have expressed their concern as well however, they can not do anything about it in fear of loosing their job. Everyone knows how that goes.

Something has to change... no.... A LOT has to change. If you want Rocky Mount to be a place where companies want to relocate, where families want to move then the FIRST thing you need to do is realize that you have a real crime problem... and FOR GOD'S SAKE... COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU!

There is so much more to this story that will be shared as time moves forward.

I just want you to know I AM TRYING... I REALLY AM TRYING.

And I am SO SORRY for those who have tried to communicate with RMPD and have gotten no where like myself. I haven't done anything to these folks but mannnnn.... do they have a grudge against me... you ... and this city.

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